SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Card - A5 (large – serving platter)

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A healthy diet is important for all of us. It gives the body energy and helps ensure our metabolism is optimised.


Today an increasing number of people are intolerant of certain foods. Pollution and chemicals are increasingly the cause of these allergies.

Our prosperity produces a great deal of refuse that then disappears from view. But it is then returned via groundwater, rain, rubbish infill and plants and reappears in the air we breathe and the foods we eat.

With the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Card, you can harmonise your food and beverages in under 90 seconds.

where to use

Put dishes and drinks on the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Card before consumption. This will not change your food; it changes the information field of your food.

Take the Taste Test
It is quite simple. Stand a glass of Cola, coffee or lemon concentrate on the card for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds take a sip of the harmonised beverage and then immediately taste the beverage that was not on the card. You will be surprised!

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We would like to point out that SYMBIOCEUTICALS products are not medical products and are not specifically recommended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. It is also important to note that many Physicians and Doctors in Europe, the USA and Australia with decades of experience in treating complex illnesses with both conventional and holistic healing strategies have seen clear evidence of improved patient response when the SYMBIOCEUTICALS products are introduced to their environment.

for home

for home

Modern homes are filled with a range of radio frequency (RF) emitting devices which disturb the natural ion flow and create statically charged airborne dust. Your TV, wireless internet devices and cordless phones are all contributing to the quality of the environment we live in.

Find out how SYMBIOCEUTICALS can help.

for work

for home

Commercial offices, schools, shops and indoor public spaces are often fitted with a range of radio frequency (RF) emitting devices which disturb the natural ion flow and create statically charged airborne dust. Find out how you can improve the quality of the indoor environment for your staff, customers and patrons with SYMBIOCEUTICALS.

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for quality of life

for home

As a practitioner you understand the importance of air and water quality in your places of work. SYMBIOCEUTICALS can help you transform your environment, neutralising emitted radiation and improving the quality of your environment.

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