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SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizers help manage the environmental impacts of modern society

Holistic and General Practitioners as well as consumers are taking note of environmental issues which can contribute to quality of life for patients and staff. Air quality, water quality electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequency (RF) radiation are all important considerations.

SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizers provide a proven solution to manage environmental impacts of modern society and are used by practitioners around the world to support their treatment strategies.

Naturopaths, holistic GPs, yoga  practitioners, health spas, retreats and gyms over the world are using SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizers to harmonise their practices.

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SYMBIOCEUTICALS transformer technology provides the following benefits:

  • Neutralises radiation for staff  and patients.
  • Reduces respirable dust levels and improves the quality of the indoor environment.
  • Neutralises environment impact of EMR , RF and geopathic disturbances.
  • Restores natural ion flow, reducing dust levels and decreasing cleaning time.

Water restored to its natural state:

  • Restores drinking, cooking and bathing water to natural state, free from manmade stressors.
  • Reduces cell wall stress levels which can assist with the ability of your body to function, absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.
  • Decreases quantity of detergents required for washing and cleaning.
  • Decreases chlorine required for swimming pools, which can contribute to reduction in incidence of skin allergies, eye irritation and unpleasant odours.

Health spas, retreats & gyms are reporting:

  • Improved quality of indoor environments.
  • Significant reduced useage of chemicals for indoor pools and spas, reducing running costs and chemical odours.
  • Improved customer experience and operator economic benefit.

Hundreds of health care practitioners have consistently reported improved patient response to treatment strategies when SYMBIOCEUTICALS products installed in patients environment. SYMBIOCEUTICALS products are supportive and complimentary to Practitioner treatment strategies.

Contact us today to arrange an Environmental Site Survey. Your Environment would be delighted to discuss how SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer technology can benefit you, your practice and your clients’ wellbeing.

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for home

Modern homes are filled with a range of radio frequency (RF) emitting devices which disturb the natural ion flow and create statically charged airborne dust. Your TV, wireless internet devices and cordless phones are all contributing to the quality of the environment we live in.

Find out how SYMBIOCEUTICALS can help.

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Commercial offices, schools, shops and indoor public spaces are often fitted with a range of radio frequency (RF) emitting devices which disturb the natural ion flow and create statically charged airborne dust. Find out how you can improve the quality of the indoor environment for your staff, customers and patrons with SYMBIOCEUTICALS.

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for quality of life

for home

As a practitioner you understand the importance of air and water quality in your places of work. SYMBIOCEUTICALS can help you transform your environment, neutralising emitted radiation and improving the quality of your environment.

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