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Your Environment is the Australian importer of SYMBIOCEUTICALS® products from Austria. We work with businesses, healthcare practitioners, government sectors and consumers to provide quality products that improve lifestyle and the quality of their indoor environment.

About SYMBIOCEUTICALS Transformers

SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizers restore your environment to its natural state. Restoring natural properties to the air we breathe, the water we drink as well neutralising the radiation we are exposed to from sources both in and around our home and work environment. See the full range of SYMBIOCEUTICALS products.

This effect is achieved by the use of SYMBIOCEUTICALS’s Information Polarisation Interference Chip Technology (ipict®) that has been 30 years in development. In summary SYMBIOCEUTICALS products neutralise and restore natural conditions and reduce environmental stress.

Causes of environmental stress

Environmental stress can come from a number of sources:

  • Outside – High-voltage power lines, radio antennae and wireless transmitters.
  • Inside – Cables, wireless devices, mobile phones and electrical devices.
  • Underground – via geopathic stress, which occurs when the earths subterranean magnetic grid is deflected by man-made inferences such as powerlines and water pipes.

SYMBIOCEUTICALS environmental technology helps reduce the disruptive influence of these sources and can improve the quality of your environment and increase your well being.

The SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer range includes products for use in; vehicles, homes, offices and commercial buildings. They harmonise radiation from mobile and cordless phones, computers and solar panels and, most importantly, restore the natural properties to your drinking water. For over 20 years SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizers have delivered these benefits to thousands of consumers, business and government bodies around the world.

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All SYMBIOCEUTICALS products are easily installed without the need for tradespeople or technicians. They’re completely maintenance free and have a working life of 20 years.

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for home

for home

Modern homes are filled with a range of radio frequency (RF) emitting devices which disturb the natural ion flow and create statically charged airborne dust. Your TV, wireless internet devices and cordless phones are all contributing to the quality of the environment we live in.

Find out how SYMBIOCEUTICALS can help.

for work

for home

Commercial offices, schools, shops and indoor public spaces are often fitted with a range of radio frequency (RF) emitting devices which disturb the natural ion flow and create statically charged airborne dust. Find out how you can improve the quality of the indoor environment for your staff, customers and patrons with SYMBIOCEUTICALS.

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for quality of life

for home

As a practitioner you understand the importance of air and water quality in your places of work. SYMBIOCEUTICALS can help you transform your environment, neutralising emitted radiation and improving the quality of your environment.

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